Sauce List

Hot Sauces

Tangy, not hot

Some heat

Mouth watering

Extra Hot
Nice flavor, good heat

Mouth burning

Will make you sweat

Very very hot

Only for the faint of heart

Creeping Death
Not recommended



Garlic Sauces

Golden Garlic
A buttery garlic sauce

Garlic Parmesan
A parmesan and garlic sauce

Buffalo Garlic
A hot sauce with garlic infused within

Hot Garlic
A spicy hot garlic



Teriyaki Sauces

Sweet with a taste of molasses

Sweet Asian Fusion
Teriyaki with a sweet twist, sticky

Sweet Teriyaki
A Very sweet teriyaki, sticky

Kickin Teriyaki
Teriyaki with heat infused



BBQ Sauces

Smokey flavored

Honey BBQ
Sweet hickory smoked

Stinging Honey Garlic BBQ
Honey BBQ with some mild heat infused

Kickin BBQ
BBQ with heat infused



Other Tasty Sauces

Sweet and Sour
Sweet and sour

Honey Mustard
Sweet and spicy

Lemon Pepper
Juicy and spicy

Carribean Jerk
Taste of the island

Red Bourbon BBQ
Tomato based BBQ with a hint of bourbon

Sweet Chili
Zesty, slightly sweet

Spicy Bayou Cajun
A taste of the bayou



Dry Rub

Old Bay
Nice and spicy, not too hot